Sunday, May 19, 2013

On Aches and Pains

When my body is attacked by the microbial nuisance that is the common cold I tend to exaggerate the feeling; the minuteness of the inconvenience seeming to be the end of all that is holy and good.  

In order to make oneself feel better about this hyperbole one just needs to think on a larger scale.

An alien race planning to take over the Earth for millions of years are moments away from pulling it off before being thwarted by the common bacteria we encounter on a daily basis.  Small things can have devastating effects.  

The last few days has been filled with allergies, doctor visits (Munchkin will henceforth before referred to as CrabCakes - or maybe CC for short - after said doctor associated CC's irritability and crabbiness to her Celiac disease - so we therefore can do nothing about it!), and a lot of coughing (both associated with the aforementioned allergies as well as some form of cold that has taken residence within the Szever household).  

Having caught up on Dexter (I haven't decided if there will be more on that another time or if I will just wait until during/after the next (and final) season to discuss) and not caring about watching True Blood (which LE has started) has made it easier to get back to reading. 

But GoT is on tonight, so no progress in The Blinding Knife will be made today (currently at 328 / 727).  

I expect the remaining hours of the day/night will progressively worsen in the feelings department as the microscopic invading army sets up shop throughout my inner-machinery.  I will find comfort in (mostly) mindless television watching, maybe a hot bowl of something (must research if any Chinese restaurants in the area have a Gluten-Free menu), or perhaps a goblet of some liquid fire to warm the soul raised to health.  

Coming Soon:
  • Perhaps further discussion on Game of Thrones after taking time to absorb tonight's episode (so far this seems a cross journal/GoT blog...  Need to fix that!)
  • A project other dorks/nerds/geeks can relate to...  figuring out what to do with the vortex of wires created from housing electronics in one space (must be a child friendly solution!)

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