Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On A Mental Break (for me)

I continue to exist in the mental fog of sinus congestion, limiting my mental faculties, causing strain on thinking on the simplest of tasks (forgetting to take off one set of clothes before putting on the next?  Check).  As such, contemplating actual discussion points for this blog/journal/review portal/thing has not been foremost in my list of things to do.  So, here are some interesting tidbits I've scoured around the web lately.

Dominos Smell-o-Vision (or something of the sort)

Dominos (in Brazil) has an agreement with certain DVD rental chains to use thermal ink and flavored varnish on discs that, when removed from the case look black, but after running in your dvd player thus getting heated, looks like the above and smells like pizza ("pizza dude's got 30 seconds").

Fantastic Four reboot casting

This is a photo of Michael B. Jordan from the movie Chronicle.  Nothing official here, but rumor mill continues to believe that director of the Fantastic Four reboot (Josh Trank - director of Chronicle) will use Michael B. Jordan here for Johnny Storm (the Human Torch, for the uninitiated).  Comic book purists will cry out (behind their anonymous posts so as to not seem the racist bastard) that he is black.  Well, these people need to get over it.  I already posted a little something on book snobbery, and yes I take part in such actions, so maybe it is my lack of caring for the FF comic that makes it ok for me that the director make this "drastic" change.  Or maybe it's just that aesthetics aren't everything, and a well made character is defined by personality more than physical feature (does anyone really care that TV Tyrion got to keep his nose?).  

Funny things children say

Crabcakes on seeing the Penn State decal on a minivan driving by: "I see a clue!"

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