Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Word Wednesday - Kingkiller Chronicles

Decided to make a game (ok, possibly rip off a game from elsewhere, but that's neither here nor there) in order to help myself post a little more and to tackle topics that may not come up during the course of a book/movie review and/or genre rant.  Feel free to jump in.  


Every Wednesday one question will be asked.  You must answer this question in one word.  To further your point, your one word answer may be accompanied by one picture.  One question, one word, one picture.  We'll call it One Word Wednesday.  Easy.  You may explain your word in a sentence or two at the end of the post.  

One Word Wednesday:

It's hard not to use this to make another OHMYGODBENAFFLECKISBATMAN post.  Let's let that go for a while.  Instead, let's go back a little further to a tidbit of news that was released surrounding San Diego Comic Con that never got much follow-up.  It was announced that New Regency Productions and 20th Century Fox Television have optioned Patrick Rothfuss' Kingkiller Chronicles to develop a drama series.  The only names currently attached are in the Executive Producer and Producer roles.

In one word, describe your reaction to the adaptation of Rothfuss' masterpiece.


I can't help but feel the transformation of Rothfuss' beautiful and complex world will never live up to the standards I'd expect with handling this masterpiece of modern literature.  Game of Thrones has set the bar high and I seriously hope the production team shows the Kingkiller Chronicles the respect it deserves.  


  1. I think this is such a cool idea ..... :)

    I think it's great that Rothfuss is getting some grand attention, but at the same time, I'm also a bit concerned about how an adaptation will be.

    1. Thanks. I take all/no credit for the idea.

      You get the buzzer for using so many words!

      I suppose my problem with it lies in the fact that these books are amongst my favorite and it would be painful to see them treated badly. But on the other hand, maybe the show (even if it isn't done so well) gets the books some more attention.